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Cake shirt for my love :)

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Countertop preparation method:

I divided the top ingredients into two equal parts and baked two baking tops in a row with a size of 25.5 / 38 cm.

Separate 4 egg yolks and beat with 4 tablespoons of sugar in white foam to become a creamy composition.

Beat the egg whites in a hard foam, so that they sit in the bowl with a little salt, as they beat better and are carefully incorporated in the yolk composition, sift over 4 tablespoons of flour, mix with a wooden spatula slowly and attention and until incorporated. The baking tin is greased with butter and floured.

Bake at 180 gr.C for about 30 minutes, check with a toothpick if it is baked so that it does not have crumbs from the composition on it.

When baked, it is syruped with a fruit compote or water syrup plus sugar plus (essence-optional)

The first cake top is covered with cream made of 250 gr. whipped cream with 100 gr. Chocolate.

cream 1 is prepared as follows:

Melt the chocolate in the whipped cream brought to a temperature close to boiling but not to boil, cool it, cover it with a film foil so that it doesn't stick to the peel and put it in the fridge for an hour then remove it and beat it until it thickens like a cream good to spread on the counter.

The second top is covered with 250 gr. whipped cream mixed with a glass of walnut and a sachet of vanilla sugar.

cream 2 is prepared as follows:

whip the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar until it hardens and add a glass of finely chopped walnuts with the blender.

sugar paste preparation:

Put the gelatin in the water and let it swell. Then put it on the fire to dissolve in a bain marie, remove from the heat and add the honey and blue dye, mix until the dye melts, I used powder, you can add various flavors.

Then add the powdered sugar and work like a dough, if it sticks, add sugar if it is too hard, add water, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

To spread it, you can soak your hands in oil or powder it with starch.

Also grease with oil and the work table and the twister with which you spread.

Dress the cake with sugar paste and leave a piece for the collar, pocket and button, I cut with a knife holding the chisel instead of the ruler the pocket with a size of 12 by 9 cm. collar with a length of 55 cm. , 7 cm. small width and 10 cm. the wide width of the collar, I cut the button with the help of a toothpaste lid, the holes in the pocket that emit the seam I made with a toothpick, inside the collar I put a piece of film to keep the shape of a collar , in order to lightly coat the cake with sugar paste, twist it around the well-processed starch so that it does not stick and peel the top with a little starch.

milk powder is prepared as follows:

Bee honey is mixed with pink dye and worked with powdered milk, adding a little until it becomes like a plasticine and refrigerate for 20 minutes.

It is stretched with a twister and cut in the shape of a tie, a knot is made which is placed on the tie under the collar.

The rose is made from powdered milk without dye, but the stem and pistil with green dye.

the petals are made of growing bubbles and a teardrop-shaped bubble on which a rose petal is coated, starting from the smallest growing dot, I made the pistil with a rolling knife with small teeth and l -I cut in the shape of the Mercedes sign, I made the stem in the shape of a lace, twisting it between my palms.

I made the petals as follows:

I put a dot between two pieces of plastic wrap and shaped it with my finger, pressing and stretching it in the shape of a petal and I took turns dressing one petal on the dot in the shape of a tear.

I made the decoration from white and dark chocolate melted in a bain marie, I colored the white one in yellow with food coloring, putting chaotic drops on the surface of the cake and spreading it with a fork.

The cake is left to cool overnight and the tie is put the next day after removing the polythene from inside the collar.

Good appetite!

Discussions with chefs and shared recipes

I start the series of stories and recipes received from chefs and chefs and not only, with the dialogue-interview I had with pastry chef Mihaela Dima Androne. I put on the confectioner's uniform and stepped into her world with emotions. There, I found a man of rare value & # 8230

There are so many things to say about Mimi Dima that I don't even know where to start. I will cross the threshold of this difficulty and begin with the beginning.

Mihaela Dima, nicknamed Mimi, has been a pastry chef at the Athénée Palace Hilton in Bucharest since 1997 and has been active in the hotel industry since 1994, when she made her debut on the delicacy scene through bakery creations, being at at that time, a recent graduate of baker's courses. In fact, the gastronomic joy passes through her gene, the journey from food technologist to baker, and then confectioner-pastry chef being a smooth one, but troubled by the passion for the fascinating world of desserts that represents the center of her universe.

In order to be able to carry with all joy and pride this title - of pastry chef - acquired exactly as a book, respectively by going through all the hierarchical steps, he participated in various specialization courses in the country and abroad (France, Brussels, Prague), gaining the honor she wears on her iconic uniform. Today, anyone can call themselves "chef" or "pastry chef", ie master / confectioner, a wrong thing in my opinion, given that even in this profession requires a lot of experience, years of effective work in a confectionery laboratory and a serious baggage of knowledge. Confectionery, as I perceive it and I think I am not alone, is a symbiosis of several trades, the confectioner becoming, over time, chemist, mathematician, architect, critic, taster, designer, etc. I would like to criticize our market, which does not know how to appreciate this profession enough, but I stop here, because I enjoy the trend of recent years when, finally, people began to give Caesar what is his.

I met Mimi Dima through a happy contest of circumstances and I feel really blessed. He welcomed me with open arms in the Hilton laboratory, where he showed me what confectionery really means, what are the secrets of the success of this profession and I was deeply impressed by the organization he implements in this sweet microuniverse. Mimi sees and hears everything, even when she is not present, I think that the eye of the mind, the sense of aesthetics and her deep love for cakes have contributed to the development of this feature still deeply mysterious to me - a novice. She also welcomed me with open arms when I asked her to break for a few moments in her universe with chocolate flavors and to have a discussion like from professional to amateur. I can also tell you about Mimi that she is an extremely warm person, a demanding chef, a valuable man and a reliable friend. When you ask her a technical question, she answers a second one, which you may not even have in mind. Why? Because he knows everything. I don't know how he does it, but he has answers to every question. This is exactly what a master, a hobby, a guide in any profession means to me. A man who gives you without asking and who picks you up when you fall. Mimi is exactly that person. I love her from the first moment I met her and I know that she is my sweet angel who will never let me fall (in the chocolate cauldron :). I am a lover of sweets, you know that, and I learned many technical secrets from her for which I will never have enough words of thanks.

Mimi, MousseAdina and a delicious cake

MousseAdina: Mimi, you are a graduate of food chemistry, and for a while you made a basic food ubiquitous on the Romanian table - bread. What made you choose the path of the confectionery laboratory?

Mimi: I started my activity in the hotel industry as a baker, a field in which I worked for 3 years. I learned to make all kinds of bakery, and my love and respect for bread left a strong imprint on my soul today. I could feel the crust on my cheek with a touch that only a bread lover can experience. It was a fabulous experience that I will never forget. That was the moment when I started experimenting with textures, then with flavors and colors, slaloming between the bakery sector and the confectionery laboratory, slowly feeling that my true mission is to be a confectioner. And so the change happened, without anticipating that I will get here today. Then I was blessed with a mentor, a perfect French master who showed me the secrets of this profession and instilled in me a love and respect for confectionery.

MousseAdina: What does confectionery mean to you?

Mimi: A fusion with ingredients, experiencing inexplicable sensations and the joy of creating desserts that bring happiness to my customers. In addition to my family, whom I love very much, the confectionery is a second family. Here I spent 21 years of my life, here I created, I made people happy. I'm happy with my life. At Hilton, I have the opportunity to make my mark on the desserts served in Café Athénée, Roberto’s restaurant, English Bar and event rooms, where, together with my team, we are the creators of desserts that reach the table of our customers.

MousseAdina: What is your favorite ingredient? What about dessert?

Mimi: Do you want me to be honest? Obviously - chocolate, dark chocolate. It is versatile, applicable in any product. You may have nothing, but if you have chocolate you immediately create a dessert. I really like the dark chocolate cream / mousse, which seduces me even now, after 21 years of activity, through its airy, clean texture, its pronounced taste and aroma that takes me to the lands of its origin. Now, I feel the difference of a home product and I love the rich shades that a real chocolate offers. I like to combine the sweet taste with its extreme - the sour taste, so a dessert in which chocolate merges with lemon is ideal. I also like the lemon and meringue tart, but a firm, crunchy meringue, baked at high temperature for an extremely short time.

MousseAdina: What is your source of inspiration when creating a dessert?

Mimi: Absolutely everything inspires me. Anything. My knowledge, raw material parities, different combinations, textures, the theme of the event I create for, the requirements of customers, what they want to receive and, especially, what they do not want. I am attentive to everything, to what surrounds me, to nature, to people, to ideas. Sometimes I am inspired by the street, the shop windows, the wrought iron objects, the dresses and the accessories, I look at everything and the ideas flow in a continuous satiety. The taste, the notes, the design, all come from within. I feel the dessert during its creation and I give free rein to the feeling of the moment.

MousseAdina: What are the biggest challenges of the confectionery profession and the position of pastry chef?

Mimi: A challenge can be represented by a more difficult order, by an act of creation that will lead to the creation of a unique product, wow! A challenge that we face nowadays, recurring in fact, is the realization of a very large number of products with a small number of employees, a challenge for me as a hobby, but also for confectionery or business owners in this field. From a culinary point of view, the challenges also come from difficult clients where a lot of tact and a solid knowledge base are needed.

Throughout my career, I have participated in and created desserts for various major events. I mention one of the most important: the NATO Summit attended by all the personalities of that time.

A major challenge was the making of the anniversary cake on the 90th anniversary of King Michael I.

MousseAdina: What motivates you to move on when the road seems difficult and maybe difficult?

Mimi: The end of events for which I always make a sacred commitment. The people I work with and guide every day to become better, to become the best variant of them in the niche of the confectionery where they have the greatest skills. I want to get a good professional out of every confectioner I work with. I am also very attached to my practitioners, to whom I share with all my love and openness the secrets of this profession. The years have made me stronger, I have a different discernment and I always prepare myself mentally to anticipate what might not be to the client's liking. I maintain my calm in tense situations and my lucidity to improve what is needed in critical situations. Panic is not a reliable friend in calm situations and then I give 200% to get the job done. I still remember how 20 grams of flour that were missing from a recipe anticipated a failure near an event with freshly baked product, it was an impressive number of Dutch pancakes, which are baked before serving. 6 tests before 2 hours of event, agitation, failed pancakes. Flair and technical knowledge saved me and my team before a disaster struck. Everything was possible with calm and lucidity. I am motivated by the final product and the love for this job. I do what I love and that is enough to always go further in the day of any weather.

MousseAdina: What does a day in your life as a pastry chef look like in the Hilton lab?

Mimi: Like a colorful painting. A puzzle composed of several pieces, which I arrange in such a way that, at the end of the day, I have painted the purpose of the whole activity. Each piece must be put in its place. 60% means pure theory, knowledge, 20% actual work and 20% margin for the unknown. For me, every day must be beautiful, the work atmosphere is important, the energy with which we enter the laboratory, the positive attitude of my colleagues and my openness to come to meet them with advice, with discussions.

MousseAdina: What advice would you give to a person who wants to become a confectioner?

Mimi: Find a mentor and stick with him. Moment by moment. Be like a sponge that absorbs information, work technique, shared secrets. Take what is offered to him. To be open, to know how to listen, to execute. To come to the laboratory without haste, to dedicate himself. As in any field, and in confectionery-pastry, performance requires a lot of work, theoretical and practical knowledge. Time flies fast, and constantly looking at the clock to go home at the end of the program is not a friend for those who want to become good at what they do. For true professionals, dedication in the field of activity is timeless. Presence and constancy are needed.

MousseAdina: I understand that in the food industry, the confectioner is the most selfish professional. Is it true or is it just a myth?

Mimi: I can't help but be honest and deny that this is not the case. I think that's true. If I look at myself in the past, I realize that I was also selfish in revealing the secrets and information I gained from my master. This happens when there is a desire to become better than your colleague and to get up, very far. Today, when I'm here, I don't look at things like that anymore and I don't do that anymore. On the contrary. I like to share my knowledge with love, I want the people who work with me to be good professionals. What comes out of our hands bears my signature. I fight for excellence, and selfishness would prevent me from achieving the expected results.

MousseAdina: I look through the confectioneries in Romania and I don't understand very well what is happening. What are the trends of recent years and how does the Romanian consumer respond to them? What do you think about reinterpreting desserts?

Mimi: There are, in my opinion, a number of trend classifications: a) customers looking for unique, unusual tastes b) the category of those who eat visually / low-sugar-healthy dessert and healthy eating trends. c) those who seek the taste of childhood d) the trend of chefs, their signature and personal imprint on the product e) suppliers, who present new ingredients, which align with international trends.

In recent years, we have noticed consumers' attention to the quality and not the quantity of products. People eat less, there is no longer the high consumption of yesteryear. Likewise, on a buffet consisting of five types of products, three are made up of fruit, one based on dough and one based on chocolate (Art Nouveau products). Today, quality, simplicity, finesse, elegance, simple decors prevail.

However, many guests ask for traditional desserts, with the flavors known from childhood (savarin, diplomat, papanas, almonds, etc.). We adapt to their requirements, but also to a local trend, reinterpreting and completing well-known recipes, with new ingredients and ideas.

In warmer countries, for example, desserts with more fruit are preferred. The Romanian consumer wants cakes with a higher dough content. As a result, we try to keep the Romanian taste, which we want to enrich and put on an international trajectory. I like the idea of ​​reinterpreting certain classic cakes. This is allowed, but at least 60% of the base product must be kept to maintain the original taste. An example is savarin, so loved by the Romanian public, which we reinvented, adding pistachios, vanilla cream, cherry jelly flavored with orange, cinnamon and orange syrup. We kept the essence of rum from the syrup, the traditional dough and the cream. Mount in clear glasses to see all colors and textures. It is a different savarina, reinterpreted, but extremely delicious. I kept the design, the dough, the cream, but, through the mentioned combination, I came with a fresh, refreshing taste.

MousseAdina: Is there a myth that you have encountered in households, passed down from generation to generation?

Mimi: Yes! (and laughs). Beating table cakes or worktop. In the old days, people were human mixers. I think our grandmothers wanted to get that stratification of the cake and beat it on the table, thinking they were getting the air out of the dough. Removal of air from the hull is necessary to avoid holes in the final product.

MousseAdina: Mimi, one last word?

Mimi: When you design a dessert, there are practically no limits. Any frame can become an element of inspiration. The sky is the limit. Be your own creator, be open to everything around you!

I believe in people, in my team, because success is not just about one man, the mood, but it is given by all the people around him. Every part of success is given by your people.

I feed on positive experiences, but also on negative ones, any feedback for me is a new way of personal development.

I love to see people who, after tasting, are left with a smile on their face and ask me:

My dear ones, this is Mihaela Dima, the man, the exceptional confectioner, the master. Behind the big cap and the tunic worn with pride, there is an encyclopedia of knowledge, good taste, refinement. Mimi is a man you can't help but love.

Because I asked her to give me a recipe to share with you, I agreed Eton Mess, a spectacular dessert and perfect for the summer season.

Eton Mess is an English dessert made of strawberries, meringue and whipped cream. Mimi suggested a slightly modified recipe, in which we will use pastry cream, meringue and berries. It is mounted in glasses.

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