007 Ways to Eat Like James Bond

007 Ways to Eat Like James Bond

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The reservation’s under Bond — James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall

While we don’t actually recommend making reservations under the name James Bond, it’s easy to understand why you’d want to. After all, the British super-spy has an attractive lifestyle — beautiful women, scenic settings, and, of course, luxurious food. If you’re an adventurer and don’t mind a few high-speed chases or close calls, the life of James Bond just looks better and better with every movie release.

Click here to view the Eat Like James Bond slideshow

And what better way (other than wearing a tuxedo and having access to a steady stream of high tech gadgets) to start living like James Bond than to eat like him?

The Daily Meal has rounded up seven amazing restaurants the iconic secret agent would be happy to set foot in — and often has. From Octopussy to Casino Royale, Jamaica to the Czech Republic, we’ve found restaurants near filming locations and movie settings that Bond would be more than happy to frequent.

So what are you waiting for? Here are 007 Ways to Eat like James Bond.

Marilyn He is a junior writer at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @Marilyn_He.

No Time to Shave? 007 Ways to Groom Like James Bond

Whenever we see 007 on the screen saving the day, he is perfectly groomed and shaved.

Well other than when he had just gotten out of a North Korean jail…

We can let that slide though.

Today, we are going over everything you need to know to groom and shave just like 007 does.

You will never have a better shave than this and you’ll feel as confident as Bond.

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The result is less irritation, no nicks and bumps and a smoother, healthier shave. Trust me – James Bond approves!

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James Bond's Vesper Martini

Every James Bond fan knows this recipe as the first martini that Bond ordered in Ian Fleming's 1953 book, "Casino Royale" (or the 2006 movie). Named after the seductive double agent Vesper Lynd, it is possibly the most famous drink order in history and extremely precise. Recreating the Vesper martini at home is easy, but it also requires interpretation.

This drink is purely fictional. It was created by the author in his first book about the now-famous British Secret Intelligence Service agent and has also become known as the "James Bond martini." As any devotee of the books or movies knows, Bond is very fond of fine cocktails, and this was certainly not the last drink in the series. In fact, the Vesper received just that single mention, and the vodka and gin martinis were served far more often as the series progressed.

The Vesper martini is interesting because it combines gin and vodka with Kina Lillet (commonly substituted with Lillet Blanc or dry vermouth). It's a very potent mix, and Fleming (er, Bond) is very particular about two ingredients: Kina Lillet is no longer available, and the gin has changed significantly since the '50s, so the original formula requires adaptation.

The Vesper is a fascinating cocktail. Compared to the gin martini, it has a slightly sweet, bitter taste contributed by Lillet, while the vodka tames the gin's botanicals. It's a drink that both gin and vodka drinkers can appreciate and fun to tweak to your personal taste.

Vodka Martini

We have all heard the line, and many of us have used it in a Bond-style on occasion ourselves. "a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred. " Throughout the series, it is the catch phrase for Bond's (and Fleming, so the story goes) preferred Martini.

After Champagne, the Vodka Martini is the drink most often consumed by Bond (over 20 times). In the books, it is outnumbered by the Scotch and Soda.

Does James Bond ever drink Gin Martinis? The answer is that in the movies (to date) he does not. In Fleming's novels, Bond has a total of 19 Gin Martinis. So, yes, Bond did enjoy a Gin Martini or two, it just seems that vodka is a little sexier for the big screen.

There are also many instances in both mediums in which the drink is certainly a Martini, but it is unclear whether vodka or gin is used.

007 Powerful Habits To Learn From James Bond

What is the secret to the James Bond franchise success? With the release of Spectre, the 24th Bond film, we stopped to ponder. How has this film series thrived for over five decades, starring multiple leading men and countless Bond girls, captivating generation after generation? Is it the epic fight scenes, the witty banter, or the resourceful villains that make this series timeless? No—regardless of who plays him, it’s Bond himself who draws audiences back to the screen year after year. James Bond is the ultimate spy. He’s better than the best. His suave skills mesmerize and delight audiences every time. And most importantly, he always wins.

But how does Bond come out on top time and again? We’re researchers. With hours of grueling analysis—popcorn, snacks, and notebook in hand—the seven habits that lead to 007’s greatness revealed themselves. However, they also opened our eyes to something more serious. Snarky comments aside, our initial light-hearted conversation about a fictional character’s qualities revealed something seriously intriguing—007’s skills aren’t just for spies, they mirror skills found in serious workplace studies. Read on to discover how Bond’s habits of greatness can turn you into the ultimate leader or contributor in your organization.

1. Be daring.

Why is James Bond the best spy in the world? Because he knows when to make a bold move. He assesses a situation, decides on a course of action, and delivers without hesitation. Confidence and assertion go a long way in the workplace, too. But this tip comes with a caveat: when 007 enters a murky situation where he knows he’s not the expert, he reaches out to M or Q or another friend to help him out—and you should too. The best leaders know the difference between when to take decisive action, and when to stop and ask for advice.

2. Think on your feet.

Things typically don’t go as planned when Bond sets off to thwart an evil plot, but he always manages to come out on top. His flexibility and quick thinking allow him to change course when situations veer into uncharted territory. In fact, Bond, often appears ‘lucky.’ Dr. Richard Wiseman, after conducting a 10-year study focused on luck, reveals in his book The Luck Factor that people can learn to enhance their luck. Channel 007’s intuition the next time you need to switch gears or find a little luck at work.

3. Take advantage of tech innovations.

There’s a reason why many Bond films begin with a scene where 007 is briefed on the mission, and then equipped with the latest gadgets and gear. You may think the flashy Aston-Martins and spy watches are just for show, but at the end of the day, they’re incorporated into the plot because they help him get the job done. Just like Bond, the best professionals are equipped with the tools of their trade and are in the know about the latest tech trends that can make their lives smoother and easier.

4. Dress for success.

Have you ever seen Bond looking anything but spick-and-span when he sets off on a mission? No—because his perfectly tailored suit lends confidence and poise. Research shows feeling good about your appearance and dressing the part makes you a happier, more productive employee. And you’ve no doubt heard of the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” It’s not a bad mantra if you need an extra pep in your step when you’re headed to the office.

5. Always have a backup plan.

How does Bond always manage to come through when things inevitably go awry during a mission? He comes prepared with a backup plan. Lining up a plan B is complementary to tip #2: not only does Bond think on his feet, but his readiness to embrace the next-best option lets him switch gears without a hitch. The best leaders and team players in the workplace do the same: they lay out multiple courses of action and are comfortable knowing that even if plan A doesn’t work, they have a contingency.

6. Finish what you start.

Whether the villain is buried, exploded, imprisoned, or decapitated, a James Bond film always delivers an epic finish. When 007 sets out to hinder an evil plot, he does everything in his power, often going above and beyond the call of duty, to get it done. People who deliver great work in the workplace have that same tenacity. They don’t stop until their project is complete or their idea is implemented—they follow through every step of the process to ensure its ultimate completion.

007. Surprise the audience with a difference they love.

This is the real key to the franchise’s success. From the action scenes, to the villains, to the plot twists, Bond movies deliver new, exciting innovations with every installation. In film after film, Bond proves that he’s the absolute best, because he always has new tricks up his sleeve. Delivering a difference your audience will love will bring you success in the workplace, too. In fact, research shows that nearly 9/10 of great work projects begin with the question: “How could I make a difference people love?”

Are there any Bond habits you’d add to this list? We considered “having a signature drink,” but it didn’t quite make the cut. Let us know below, and sound off on your favorite Bond traits that also lead to workplace success.

Swim Shorts

From Thunderball

Spotted in Bond’s fourth cinematic outing, these azure blue swim shorts with a nice contrast waistband, are based on the style Connery wore diving in the Bahamas when he first encountered Claudine Auger’s Domino. The high-legged cut will transport you right back to 1965 but pair with most summer staple tees when you step out of the water. .

Orlebar Brown’s feted swimwear is designed to fit as well as a pair of tailored trousers. And while the button-down belt loop didn’t come out of Q branch, we’re a fan.

15 Steps to Becoming James Bond

Hello Aluxers, we have a carte blanche for you today, since we’re looking at what are the steps to becoming James Bond.

Since we were kids we’ve all had a fascination for 007, so why not take this opportunity to look into what makes him so damn appealing to both men and women.

As we go through the list, you’ll start to understand the traits that could elevate your life and if you’re smart, you’ll start to sprinkle some of them in your day to day.

Doing so, you’ll realize life is getting more exciting and slowly, you’re becoming the most interesting person in the room.

As always, if you don’t feel like reading, here’s the video version of this post:

Here are 15 Steps to becoming James Bond.

Number 1: Dress Smart
First things first, you need to stop looking like a turd. Find yourself a quality barber, stop going to the cheap hair salon where your mom also gets her nails done. A gentleman should get a haircut every 2 weeks.

Secondly, start investing in your wardrobe. It’s called a WARdrobe, because you are taking it to WAR.

Stop buying a lot of cheap clothes and instead by a more expensive piece and take care of it.

Slowly build up your portfolio and have at least 1 proper attire for every occasion.

Number 2: Be charming & confident
Let’s face it, most of you are creepy and do not know how to behave in public.

You get better at it through practice and observing the way other people behave when they are around you.

Charm is something you can learn.

It’s a technique of getting people to trust you by embodying what they like. It’s usually security, sophistication, a bit of mystery and feeling safe enough to joke with you.

There’s a difference in someone laughing at you and someone laughing with you!

Number 3: Talk the Talk
You need to be educated, to hold a decent conversation on plenty of topics.

The more familiar you are with whatever is being discussed, the more dots you can connect in your speech and win arguments and people over.

We’re all attracted to intellect, but not in the academic way, but in the, I’ve lived through it and got some wisdom along the way.

Number 4: Walk the Walk
Do not be a pretender, instead be the best version you can be today and strive to be even better tomorrow.

If your actions do not match your attitude you’re just looking like an arsehole.

There’s a certain appeal to those who are confident in their on skin, in their abilities.

They carry themselves differently, they seem like they are gliding through life.

Number 5: Get yourself some cool gadgets
Every time we connect our apple watch and our airpods to our iPhone we feel like we’re living in the future. The technology we have available today is what 1980s bond films dreamed of. Not sure how many of you know this, but you can actually use your apple watch as a phone and what is more spy worthy than talking to your wrist.

These days, you can summon your Tesla to come to you, the car comes with a biohazard air filtering option and most of the items in your home now come in a smart, connect to the internet,

You are browsing the internet all the time, you’re watching this video right now, and the government is watching. To be a modern spy you need to start taking control of your data, that’s why we always recommend using a VPN. They are super-easy to use and are worth every dollar.

Every time we travel, we feel like an international spy when we activate our VPN and secure our online activity. There was never a time where internet privacy has been a bigger issue than it is today, that’s why we reached out to the company we personally use and negotiated the best deal you’ll ever get.

If you go to alux.com/vpn and sign up using the code ALUX you’ll get 75% off of your 3 year plan. Even better, you get to use the service for 1 month for free if you don’t see the value in it, you don’t lose anything.

The deal we have on the table is by far the best one you can get today and it’s an alux.com exclusive offered by the team at NordVPN for our community.

Start behaving like Bond and secure yourself for the next 3 years!

Number 6: Drive an Aston Martin
Or at least something cool. Automobiles as we know them are evolving. They’re getting infused with technology and the comfort available today could never be matched in the past. Take advantage of this.

Also, for extra cool points, get yourself different licenses to drive a motorcycle, a boat, why not learn to fly a light plane or a helicopter?

How many people do you know that can say they know how to fly a helicopter? You’re instantly top of the food chain if you do.

Number 7: Travel to far away places
The more you travel, the more you learn about yourself and the world. You’ll soon realize how insignificant you are in the large scheme of things and that will allow you to finally be free. If you’re so small, you are free to start over every day, you are free to take risks, to learn, to meet people, to be alive.

Travel is the ultimate investment in yourself!

We’ve learned more in our travels than we did in any educational institution. Travel forces you out of your cocoon and gives you the opportunity to absorb knowledge and wisdom.

Be a traveler, not a tourist!

Number 8: Play to odds
You’ve seen Bond do this in almost every movie. The casino scene, is a metaphor for his every mission.

He enters the beautiful casino, meets the gorgeous woman, sits down at a very dangerous table usually across the villain, makes a calculated bet and goes all on when he understands the odds are in his favor.

If that’s not a metaphor for life, we don’t know what is.

You have to start understanding risk, odds and playing to win big. Otherwise, you’re just going to fade away into mediocrity.

Number 9: Don’t have to worry about money
In order to become like Bond, you should stop being emotionally attached to money.

The average person, trades his valuable life in exchange for money, while high level players understand that money isn’t actually real.

Those of you who have been with us for a while now, are familiar with this concept.

Once you’re able to escape this trap, money becomes just a number on a screen or paper with faces printed on it.

It’s similar to any game you’ve played as a child, you’re no longer losing at it, you’re just playing for a new high-score.

Number 10: Stop being a Beta-Male
A while back we made a very powerful video called 15 signs you’re a beta-male, in which we called out behaviors that sink people into mediocrity and unhappiness.

Some people received it really well while the beta-males got really offended when they identified themselves in the video.

At some point you need to take control of your life and start making decisions according to who you could become not who you are today.

If you’re curious to check if you’re a beta-male or not, watch the video below, it’s a real cold shower, but definitely necessary.

Number 11: Know how to use a gun or your tools of the trade.
We’re in very dangerous territory right now, even mentioning the g-word on youtube, but what would James Bond be without his Walther PPK?!

Learn how to use one, how to hold it and what it can do.

Then it’s your choice whether you are pro or against guns.

In Bonds case, it’s also a metaphor for learning to use the tools of the trade.

Whatever you are doing in life, master the tools at your disposal and leverage them to achieve success in your mission.

Number 12: Master at least one contact sport
Getting physical with someone else will teach you so much that it should be a must in everyone’s development.

It teaches discipline, it teaches patience, it teaches technique and above everything it teaches you to be in control.

If you’re looking to pick one, Brazilian jujitsu is probably the way to go, it’s risen in popularity in recent years, especially from the influence of Joe Rogan.

The better you get at any contact sport the more you will avoid conflict.

Number 13: Master the art of love making
One of the iconic characteristics of Bond is his romantic endeavors. Almost every moment is memorable in itself.

All James Bonds have had different approaches to romance, but all of them are portrait as terrific lovers.

This is aided by being in top physical shape and understanding what makes a woman tick.

Life is too short to have a boring love life, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Number 14: Be witty
Some of the most iconic Bond moments come from his ability to be witty.

It’s something that takes quite a bit of intellect and emotional intelligence.

People who can be witty are not only more intelligent than the average person, but are able to read others and connect dots for social gain.

This is a very underappreciated skill that can work wonders in your personal life.

Number 15: Study James Bond
Rewatch the old movies, laugh at the funny tech or fight scenes, but pay close attention to how the writers portray bond. There’s value in the way that he carries himself, in the way that he talks and interacts with other members of the story.

We’ve been big fans of Ian Fleming’s novels since we discovered that there’s an entire James Bond Universe most people have no idea about. The books are phenomenal and allow you to discover Bonds in a way you’ve never done before.

All things considered Aluxers, who was your favorite James Bond actor? Do you fancy Daniel Craig or are you into the previous models of bond? Let us know in the comments!

James Bond: Dine like 007 as the secret agent's favourite restaurants are revealed

You too can live your life like an international British secret agent - or at least eat like one - as a new restaurant guide reveals the favourite haunts of 007.

The Eat Like 007 guide lists the top 21 venues in the UK and Ireland frequented by the sophisticated MI6 agent in Ian Flemming&aposs books, with Glasgow&aposs Grand Central Hotel at the coveted number one spot.

The vast majority of eateries enjoyed by James Bond are in or near to London and include The Ivy and Cafe Royal in the West End, as well as other well-known venues such as Oxford University - a venue in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Most of the top spots are in the UK, though the guide also lists the best James Bond eateries in Europe, such as the popular Rialto Fish Market of Venice - a venue in Casino Royal, starring Daniel Craig.

The guide was created by the GoEuro blog in partnership with Matt Sherman, author of James Bond’s Cuisine: 007’s Every Last Meal.

For dining alfresco in the UK, a Harrods’ picnic hamper is a favourite of the agent - in The Living Daylights - and other indoor venues include London’s The Reform Club used as a filming location in Die Another Day.

In Ireland, you can eat like Bond in Kilkenny’s Newpark Hotel (No Deals, Mr. Bond, 1987) and Shannon Airport in County Clare (Diamonds Are Forever, 1956).

Of the real life restaurants mentioned in Germany and Austria, Bond fans can get their fill by visiting the seven eateries in Berlin, Munich, Salzburg and Wasserburg am Inn.

At the Kempinski Hotel in Berlin, Bond enjoyed dishes of smoked salmon and beef wellington in The Octopussy Collection.

Throughout the Bond franchise there are a whole host of eateries featured located in Switzerland, Italy and Greece, including the Ristorante Tres Scalini, which has been open since 1815.

There are 21 dining venues in Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, France and Portugal - including the grand Hilton Amsterdam, where the agent sampled a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and marmalade in Icebreaker.

And at the Eiffel Tower in the French capital, Bond ate foie gras topped with caviar on toasted brioche in A View to a Kill starring the suave Roger Moore.

To dine like your favourite Bond, see the fill list of locations here.

007. Use a Skin Protector and Moisturizer

007 has to protect his face from all the dangers he faces!

With as much action as James Bond sees, he has to use a skin protector and a moisturizer.

A Skin Protector is a vitamin C infused serum that you can apply to your face five minutes after your shave. It will keep your skin looking healthy all day by deeply penetrating the skin and giving it the vitamins and minerals it needs.

A moisturizer is slightly different in that it will be more of a protective layer on top of your skin that will keep the top layer of your skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated.

Using both of these will also limit the amount of bumps and blemishes you have on your face after shaving.

James Bond style: casual wear

It's not all about the suits. When Bond isn't in London being dressed-down by M, he's dressed down on a beach in Jamaica, a snake-fighting pit in Madagascar or a hotel bar in Montenegro. They may not be as iconic as Bond's formalwear, but there's as much to learn in Craig's casual ensembles, which will arguably see more day-to-day use for most men. It also presents a series of looks, like the above, that can easily replicated without designer pieces.

Not content to conceal a Walther PPK in his sock or a laser in his watch, Bond hides sartorial know-how in plain sight with simple looks that still seem purposeful and stylish. He uses layers to great effect in casual ensembles, something you can deploy in the field without the need for Q Branch.

The above look from Quantum of Solace shows a black shawl ribbed cardigan from Tom Ford, priced at £2,217. The 007 cashmere collection from Npeal, created to celebrate the upcoming release of No Time To Die, is also full of great knitwear inspired by Bond's historic looks, such as Timothy Dalton's ribbed fisherman's sweater.

Most men would throw a bit of knitwear over a t-shirt and call it a day, but Bond pairs his cardi with a crisp white Oxford-style shirt, showing smart layering can elevate a casually thrown-together weekend look into a proper outfit, that looks like it was chosen with care. Wrap it all up with some smart, sandy-coloured chinos and chukka boots or boating shoes and you'll really look the part.

The Tom Ford piece is a beautiful cardigan, but for men looking for a no-fuss casual look that doesn't cost the earth, let's replicate it with items all under £100:

Abercrombie & Fitch Shawl Cardigan | now £65 from Abercrombie & Fitch
This cardigan still retains the ribbed collar and cuffs with the shawl look of the original, but it's about 5% of the price of the Tom Ford model. The textured cotton is warm and the build is good quality, ensuring you stay warm as you speedboat your way across the coast of Basilicata.

J. Crew Slim-Fit Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt | now £70 from Mr Porter
This lightweight, cool Oxford is a staple in every gentleman's wardrobe. Usable in both casual and formal ensembles, it'll be one of the most versatile pieces of kit you'll ever own, which is reason enough to buy a good quality, well-fitted Oxford that'll last. View Deal

UNIQLO Men's slim fit chino trousers | now £34.90 from UNIQLO
Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo does a nice line in fitted chinos that come at a price which belies their quality. A little spandex woven into the cotton provide stretch to go along with the excellent fit, whether you need a bit more give in the thigh or mobility to chase bad guys across Venetian rooftops. Now you just need one of our best belts.
View Deal

Timberland Stormbuck Chukka | was £130 | now £78 from Timberland
A classic all-weather dark brown boot to pair with chinos or smart jeans and a casual jumper. Anti-fatigue technology cushions your feet to last all day on the town, while a waterproof membrane keeps the suede dry even when the evil mastermind floods his own subterranean lair. View Deal

Whether it's a navy polo with a light zip-through sport jacket or a crisp white shirt with a heavy black shawl thrown over the top, Bond knows the value of layering. Pair darks with lights, along with neutral trousers and classic shoe styles, to look every bit the off-duty superspy.

Shaken, Not Stirred – How to Drink Like James Bond

It is hard to dispute that James Bond is one of the coolest characters of all time. The suave spy has a number of attributes which make him the type of man most men want to be. His stylish and smooth attitude, including when it comes to ordering drinks, is certainly one thing that aspiring males can look to replicate.

So how can you drink like James Bond? It isn’t all about vodka martinis, actually, there are a number of other slightly more obscure drinks that you will definitely want to try.

The Iconic Vodka Martini

There are a number of facets that make a Bond movie. Car chases, gadgets, gorgeous women, over the top bad guys, and classic lines are all things that you would expect to see in a 007 outing. One of the most famous lines ever is the MI6 agent’s drink order. The phrase, “shaken, not stirred” first appears in Ian Fleming’s fourth James Bond novel Diamonds are Forever in 1956. Bond didn’t actually utter the words himself, though, until the sixth book in the series, Dr. No in 1958. In the films, it’s Joseph Wiseman’s Dr. No who says the catchphrase initially, in the 1962 debut EON productions title.

Sean Connery says it for the first time when ordering a drink in the third picture in the series, Goldfinger, in 1964. More recently, Daniel Craig’s earliest utterance was in in Martin Campbell’s 2006 offering Casino Royale, in what is, according to Betway, one of the best casino scenes ever depicted. The famous drink that the iconic catchphrase refers to is, of course, the vodka martini. It doesn’t require many ingredients, so you’ll be able to order the drink in most bars. The components are usually around 3 fluid ounces of vodka, 1 fluid ounce of dry vermouth, ice cubes, and olives.

Bond’s preference is for these ingredients to be mixed in a cocktail shaker, and there has even been scientific research into whether this is a superior way of enjoying it. Interestingly, a study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that shaken martinis have superior health benefits. They were more effective at deactivating hydrogen peroxide than their stirred counterparts. This helps to improve the antioxidant actions of the alcohol. No wonder Bond is always ready to take down the bad guys, even after a night on the drinks. Why not try making one yourself today? Alternatively, get down to the bar and order a few.

What Other Tipples does 007 Enjoy?

Despite the British spy being famous for enjoying a vodka martini, he does like to indulge in other tipples from time to time. This is good news for those who want to be like Bond, but aren’t too keen on his usual drink of choice.

Luckily, there are plenty of drinks to choose from. Fleming was renowned for drinking a lot of bourbon whiskey, after being told by his doctor that gin was more detrimental to his health. This is reflected in the English author’s work, as Bond has also been known to drink American whiskeys. In fact, in the books, 007 drinks bourbon more frequently than vodka martinis. He takes it either straight or with branch water. As you might expect, Bond also enjoys Scotch whiskeys. In film, single malt Talisker has appeared in Die Another Day and The World is not Enough, while a 1962 Macallan featured in Skyfall.

The first drink that Bond ever orders in the novels is an Americano cocktail. He consumes this concoction of Campari, Cinzano, and soda water in 1953’s Casino Royale. However, later in the book he mainly sticks to chilled vodka and champagne. In terms of the sparkling wine, in the same book Bond states that he believes Taittinger is “probably the finest champagne in the world.” The man with a license to kill doesn’t mind a beer from time to time either. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the spy drinks beer at a stag party in Munich.

As you can see, there are many different ways to drink like Bond. But it may be unwise to drink as much as the spy. According to Fleming, 007 consumed around half a liter of spirits per day. This is ok for a fictional character, but in real life, it is highly unadvisable.