2-ingredient chocolate mousse

2-ingredient chocolate mousse

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To make chocolate mousse, take:

  1. Chocolate with cocoa content 56% 200 g (the author of the recipe Evre Thys advises to take chocolate 70%)
  2. Water 180 gr


  1. Vanilla Sugar 10g
  2. Cognac 15 ml
  3. Whipped cream to taste
  4. You can also add more sugar if the chocolate is very bitter to taste
  • Main ingredientsCacao and chocolate


1. Pour the chocolate with water and heat until the chocolate has completely melted. Do not let the mixture boil.

2. Put the chocolate mixture in an ice bath and beat for 3-7 minutes until it brightens and thickens.

3. 3 important points: 1) if the mixture does not get thicker, warm it again, add more chocolate, wait until it is completely homogeneous. Beat in an ice bath; 2) if the chocolate mixture does not brighten, heat it again, add water, mix until smooth and whisk again in an ice bath until thickened; 3) if you re-mix the mixture and it becomes grainy, that's okay too. Heat it again, and then beat in an ice bath.