Chocolate muffins with curd filling

Chocolate muffins with curd filling

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  1. Low-fat kefir or yogurt 300 ml .;
  2. Flour 200 gr.;
  3. Sugar 150 gr.;
  4. Vegetable oil 100 ml .;
  5. Egg 1 pc.;
  6. Cocoa powder 3 tbsp;
  7. Baking powder 2 tsp;
  8. Vanilla sugar 2 tsp;
  9. Curd weight 200 gr.
  • Main Ingredients Flour, Cocoa and Chocolate, Sugar
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World CuisineFrench Cuisine


bowl, mixer, muffin molds, oven


Sift flour with baking powder and cocoa into a deep bowl. In another bowl, combine kefir, egg, sugar, vanilla sugar, vegetable oil and mix everything until smooth with a whisk or mixer. Dry and gradually mix into liquid ingredients until smooth. Make balls from the curd mass.

In silicone molds we put 2 tablespoons of dough, in the center is a curd ball and on top another 1 tablespoon of dough. So fill out all the forms. We send cupcakes to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Chocolate muffins with curd filling ready! A more detailed cooking process, see the video. Enjoy your meal!