Valentine's Day couple salad

Valentine's Day couple salad

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  1. Chicken fillet 300 gr.
  2. Red caviar 100 gr.
  3. Eggs 3 pcs.
  4. Green onions 1/2 bunch
  5. Mayonnaise 1-2 tbsp
  6. Sour cream 1 tbsp
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Black pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients Chicken


cutting board, knife, bowl, spoon, salad ring, heart shaped cookie cutter


1) Chop green onions finely. I sort the boiled chicken fillet into fibers. I add onion and 1 tablespoon to the meat. mayonnaise. I mix everything. I divide into about 2 parts.

2) I connect boiled eggs with 1 tbsp. mayonnaise and 1 tablespoon sour cream, a little pepper. I interrupt everything with a blender into a homogeneous mass. Fill a pastry bag. I cut off the edge of the packet.

3) I collect lettuce in layers. I put half the meat in the first layer. The second layer is egg. The third layer is red caviar. Leave 1 tbsp. caviar for decoration. I put meat in the fourth layer. The fifth layer is the egg mass, only in a circle inside I put a felling for cookies in the shape of a heart. Fill the heart with caviar, then take it out, remove the ring and you're done! This salad does not require impregnation, you can immediately treat yourself!

Recipe Tips:

- To even the top of the salad, dip a spoon in vegetable oil and even the salad.