Salad with pork and pickles

Salad with pork and pickles

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  1. Boiled pork 300 g.
  2. Eggs 3 pcs.
  3. Potato 3 pcs.
  4. Pickled cucumbers 3 pcs.
  5. Garlic 6 tooth.
  6. Mayonnaise 3 tbsp. l
  7. Black pepper to taste
  8. Parsley for decoration
  • Main ingredients Potato, Eggs
  • Serving 6 servings


Prepare the ingredients: boil eggs, pork, jacket potatoes.
Finely chop the boiled pork, potatoes, eggs, cucumbers.
We make dressing for dressing: add garlic passed through a press to mayonnaise, add pepper and mix thoroughly.
Next, mix all the ingredients with the sauce and decorate with greens before serving. Enjoy your meal!