Zucchini rolls with sun-dried tomatoes

Zucchini rolls with sun-dried tomatoes

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  1. Zucchini (or young zucchini) 1 piece
  2. Cream cheese with herbs 2 tablespoons
  3. Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil a few pieces
  4. Canned chickpeas 100 grams
  • Main ingredients
  • Portion 3-4


Grill pan, spoon, knife, board, toothpicks.


Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Drain the excess liquid from chickpeas and rinse it with cold water.
Rinse the zucchini well and cut the ends on both sides.

Step 2: fry the zucchini.

Cut the zucchini into very thin slices and dry them on a paper towel to make them better toasted.

Preheat the grill pan and fry the slices of zucchini in a small amount of vegetable oil on both sides until golden brown. Do not hold for a long time, cook on high heat, frying for literally several minutes on each side.
Let the slices cool slightly.

Step 3: roll the rolls.

Lubricate each slice of zucchini with cream cheese, put the sun-dried tomato and a little chickpea on top, carefully roll up and fix with toothpicks so that rolls do not unfold.

Step 4: serve zucchini rolls with sun-dried tomatoes.

Serve zucchini rolls with sun-dried tomatoes immediately after cooking. This is a great, very tasty and spring-like fresh snack.
Enjoy your meal!