5 Ways You Can Use Baking Soda Around the House

5 Ways You Can Use Baking Soda Around the House

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Repurpose this pantry staple all over the kitchen

Baking soda is a true multipurpose pantry staple.

Even if you still don’t understand the difference between baking soda and baking powder when used for baking, there are many non-cooking uses for baking soda. Here are some of the handiest:

Acid Reducer. If tomato sauce and other acidic foods give you heartburn, add a teaspoon to the sauce as it cooks. Alternatively, add ½ teaspoon baking soda to ½ cup of water for immediate acid relief.

Bite and (Minor) Burn Relief. Create a soothing paste of baking soda and water and rub on itchy bug bites or minor burns. To relieve burns, you can also soak in a baking soda bath. Most importantly, use your common sense and check with a medical professional before self-treating any serious wounds.

Dirty Sponge Cleaner. Soak sponges in a mixture of 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart water to deodorize and clean.

Grease Eliminator. Soak greasy dishes with 2 tablespoons baking soda, then wash as you normally would.

Natural Drain Unclogger. If you're looking for a chemical-free way to unclog a slow-draining sink, mix ½ cup baking soda with ½ cup vinegar and pour down the drain. Let the mixture work its magic for a few minutes and flush with some boiling water.

10 Clever DIY Ways to Use Baking Soda

Although usually found in the supermarket aisle with baking goods, baking soda &mdash also known as sodium bicarbonate &mdash has many uses besides raising cakes. Baking soda is non-toxic to humans (unless consumed in large doses), and can be used as an alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals while deodorizing your home at the same time. As a bonus, this multi-purpose ingredient is ultra cheap &mdash a small box of baking soda usually costs around a dollar.

Using baking soda around your home doesn&rsquot have to be complicated. You can use baking soda as the primary ingredient in many clever DIY products that will only take a few minutes to make. Here are 10 ideas for using baking soda in homemade personal care recipes and cheap, non-toxic cleaning solutions.

20 Unbelievable Ways To Use Baking Soda For You And Your Home

Every house this product, it is mostly used for baking, but is this the only purpose of the product is the question. Well, of course not.

This product is free of toxins, which makes it totally safe for other uses as well. It is very universal, and widely used product all around the world. This product can be very helpful around your housework, your personal hygiene, to prevent from insects and mostly to bake good pies.

We have already said too much, but believe us that this is just few of the things that it is able to provide. Surely when you find out all of the things that it is capable of, it will always be number one on your shopping list, and the number one in your home.

Of course the product is baking soda! Believe it or not, there are more things that baking soda is capable of than you can possibly think of. Below we made a list of the top 20 uses of baking soda, and no doubt that you will start do some of them after you are done reading this article.

20 Unbelievable Uses of Baking Soda

1. Boost Hair growth

As unbelievable as it seems, but baking soda is a product that could be used to stimulate hair growth. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Prevent from Fridge Smell

To relieve and prevent from the bad and unpleasant smell of your fridge, use baking soda.

3. Insect Bites

Due to its ability to soothe and ease irritation on the skin, use baking soda to reduce the itching from the insect bites.

4. Clean Jewelry

If some of your jewelry is very precious, and you want to keep it in the form as you bought it, and prevent it from destroying, but still you want to clean it and make it shiny, try using baking soda, it will help you a lot. Baking Soda is able to get back the shine of your jewelry as it was before.

5. Replace Store-Bought Deodorants

Surely you are aware of how much issues and problems can be caused by a simple deodorant body spray, they are very harmful. To prevent from that, try using baking soda, it is considered to be a natural deodorant.

6. Rough Skin

Baking soda is also able to help you in case of rough skin. You just need to simply apply warm cotton baking soda pads on the areas.

7. White Teeth

Some people have already heard of this way of teeth whitening, it is the most effective and fastest way to naturally make your teeth whiter. You just need to brush your teeth with baking soda and that’s all, instant results will be provided. But be aware that you shouldn’t use it too much.

8. Baking Soda Scrub

It is able as we said to make your skin softer, but also it can provide amazing benefits against skin irritations, mostly wrinkles, blackheads and tarnished skin. Simply scrub your face with baking soda, do not use too much though.

9. Soothe Sunburn

Also this amazing product is able to soothe sunburn on your skin.

10. Abscesses

Try an abscess treatment, by using baking soda.

11. Remove Stains

Quit wasting a tone of money on trying to remove stains, just use baking soda instead of that.

12. Clean the Microwave

Take your sponge and apply some baking soda, you will be able to clean the inside and the outside of your microwave. After the cleaning, rinse it with water well. It will leave no smell, don’t worry.

13. Remove Bad Breath

Have you noticed something about your breath, it smells bad? Try using baking soda. It will prevent from bad breath, it will simply solve this problem.

14. Relieve Heartburn

In case of a heartburn, use baking soda it will help immediately.

15. Cleans Brushes and Combs

Keep your brushes and combs clean if you want to have a nice looking hair. This is very important, it may sound ridiculous, but as you brush your hair every day, there are leftover natural oil build-ups from brushing your hair.

Using baking soda will easily solve this problem. Just take one tablespoon of baking soda, that is all you will need. Put the baking soda in a cup and fill it with water, then put the brushes and combs inside it. Let them stay inside for a while, then wash them with water and dry them easily with a towel.

16. Softens Beans and Peas

If you want to make the peas and beans ready for cooking, and you want to do it fast, use baking soda.

17. Cleans Shower Curtains

Clean your shower curtain, by sprinkling some baking soda on the clean side of the sponge’s brush, then clean it with that. Just scrub the shower curtain, it will clean it perfectly. After you are done cleaning it, wash it with water, and hang it somewhere to dry it off.

18. Reduces Stretch Marks

Nobody likes stretchmarks, so if you are dealing with this situation, baking soda can help you. Just scrub your stretchmarks with baking soda, it will reduce the visability of the stretchmarks very much.

19. Fruit and Veggie Scrub

Using baking soda to clean your veggies and fruits from the dirt, and chemicals and make them fresh looking, you will only need is 1 tablespoon of baking soda, a large bowl and water. Just fill the bowl with water and add the baking soda inside, then put the fruits or veggies inside for a while. Let them sit in the bowl for a while, then take them out and wash them well with water.

20. Remove Odor from carpets

Sometimes you need to refresh your carpets, to renew them somehow. If you want to do that, just sprinkle some baking soda everywhere on the carpet, and let it stay there through the night. Then sweep the baking soda, and the leftover should be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner, be careful with your vacuum cleaner bag, don’t overfill it, clean it if it is needed.

The same way could be used to remove odor from your vacuum cleaner as well.

These uses were listed, in order to make many housewives life’s easier, and let them know how things can be done in an easier way.

You see how much can be done with one product and such little effort put in. Things will be very easier if these methods are used by housewives. Share this article with your friends, let them know of the numerous ways that baking soda can be used.

How to make baking soda paste

While we’re on the topic of baking soda, here’s another trick to keep things fresh. You can use this baking soda paste instead of countertop cleaners, in coffee pots, and more.

Make the baking soda paste by using a 3 baking soda to 1 part water ratio. Mix it up until it has a consistency like toothpaste. (In fact, you can use baking soda for toothpaste too.) To make homemade toothpaste, Just use 2 TB of Coconut Oil, 1 TB of Baking Soda and 15-20 drops of essential oil.

If you are looking for ways to be eco-friendly, make this mixture your go-to solution for all your cleaning problems and enjoy the amazing results.

25 Ways To Use Baking Soda

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Here is a list of 25 ways to use baking soda. If you want to reduce spending and cut down on things you really don’t need, why not utilize what you already have around the house? This will be part of my “Use What You Have” series of posts. In each post, find out about different ways you can use common everyday items you are likely to already have around the house. You are probably familiar with the standard everyday uses for baking soda like deodorizing the refrigerator, so here are some not so common uses that should come in handy for future reference. See any uses not on the list? Please feel free to share your tips in the comments, thanks!

25 Ways to Use Baking Soda

1. Flower Freshener. Keep fresh cut flowers longer by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the water.
2. Antacid. The sodium bicarbonate in baking soda acts as a stomach acid neutralizer. The Mayo Clinic recommends adults take 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of cold water every two hours to reduce stomach upset or heartburn.
3. Hand Deodorizer. Make a paste with baking soda and water. Rub your hands with the paste, rinse well and presto, no more odor!
4. Itch Relief. Make a paste of baking soda & water to help relieve insect bites. It is also said to bring relief to sunburns.
5. Deodorant. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with a bit of water, making a paste, then rub on your armpits. Or, use a mixture of one part dry baking soda and six parts cornstarch and dust your pits with a powder puff. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try out this tip, but I love the idea of using a natural product for a deodorant. In the past though, I haven’t had much luck with any natural deodorants.
6. Skin Softener. Add a cup to your bath water to relieve skin irritations. You can make a body scrub out of it as well when paired with essential oil.
7. Nail Whitener. Make a paste with two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide. Massage into your fingernails (or toenails) and rinse.
8. Fire Squelcher. Put out small fires using baking soda.
9. Produce Wash. Clean your fresh fruits and vegetables with it. Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a gallon of water.
10. Fluffier Omelets. Add a pinch of baking soda for a fluffier omelet.
11. Grease Remover. Remove grease from your pots and pans.
12. Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Sprinkle a cup of baking soda in your toilet bowl. Let set a few minutes, scrub and flush. Not only will it clean your toilet, but it will absorb odors as well. Good for hard water stains too.
13. Drain Cleaner. Keep your drains flowing by adding a few teaspoons weekly.
14. Modeling Clay. Yep, modeling clay! Be sure and check out I Can Teach My Child’s tutorial and instructions for homemade modeling clay , she does an excellent job of explaining it.
15. Garden Helper. Sprinkle around your garden to help deter rabbits. Apparently, they hate the stuff.
16. Insect Deterrent. Roaches and ants aren’t fans either, use baking soda to repel both of these pesky critters.
17. Seed Preserver. Keep by seeds dry by storing with a packet of baking soda. Helps absorb humidity.
18. Rain Repellent. Wipe your windshield with it to repel rain.
19. Label Remover. Need to get a pesky label or tag off of a jar or glass? Make a paste with one part baking soda and two parts cooking oil to remove a stubborn label. Just don’t use this on any item that might absorb the oil. It works great on glass though.
20. Stain Remover. A thick paste of baking soda & water will remove unsightly stains from your plastic containers.
21. Sponge Reviver. Soak your kitchen sponges to help freshen them up.
23. Stuffed Animal Cleaner. Put a stuffed animal in a sealed plastic bag with baking soda and shake well. The baking soda helps remove dust and dirt.
24. Sneaker Refresher. Sprinkle in your shoes after a particularly strenuous day. Just don’t forget to tap the baking soda out of your shoes before you wear them again.
25. Jewelry Cleaner. Spiff up your sterling silver jewelry by making a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Apply with a cloth and rinse.

Note: This post is part of my “Use What You Have” series where I regularly take a look at a common household product and list 25 ways to use each one. If you want to reduce spending and cut down on things you really don’t need, why not utilize what you already have around the house?

25 Ways To Use Lemons – everything from making your lettuce crisper to diy grout cleaner.

25 Ways To Use Honey – everything from hiccup reliever to lip conditioner.

25 Ways To Use Vinegar – everything from washing machine cleaner to creating a fruit fly trapper.

25 Ways To Use Borax – everything from DIY cleaning slime to making your own bouncy ball.

25 Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide – everything from toilet bowl cleaner to seed germinator.

25 Ways to Use Old Magazines – everything from making gift bows to reshaping wet shoes.
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Step away from that chemical Drain-o stuff and mix a bit of baking soda with some vinegar for a powerful drain unclogger. Throw this mixture down the drain, cover the drain, and then flush with a few cups of boiling water. Repeat if necessary until the clog is history!

Instead of heating your oven to self clean and releasing toxic fumes into your home, add a paste of baking soda plus cool water to oven grime and then leave overnight or for at least a few hours. Then, your scrubbing should be a piece of cake!

Baking Soda Benefits for Health

Baking soda is a fantastic tool for cleaning around the house and removing stubborn stains and odors, but baking soda benefits your health, as well. Here are some of the most common benefits of using baking soda to enhance your everyday health.

Natural Deodorant

Did you know that you can make natural deodorant with baking soda? This is an easy way to combat body odor without subjecting your body to the harsh chemicals in most commercial deodorants. If you want to prevent wetness, add some cornstarch to the recipe.

Homemade Baking Soda Deodorant

*For women, it is recommended you use lavender, sage, and lemon. For men, use bergamot, rosemary, and cypress.

To make natural deodorant, place the coconut oil in a small bowl. Add the baking soda and mix well. Combine the essential oils of your choice and stir the ingredients. Put the paste in an empty deodorant container or glass jar.

Face Exfoliator

Baking soda is ideal for removing dry skin from your face. You can create your own exfoliate by combining one teaspoon baking soda with half a cup of water. Using a circular motion, rub the paste into your face, then rinse with cold water.

Hand Softener

Baking soda also works to soften hands, while removing dirt and odors. Just mix two tablespoons baking soda with ½ cup warm water and rub it into your hands.

The natural scrub also works well to get hair dye off your skin and will leave your hands free of dirt and soft, without the toxic chemicals.

Soothe Tired Feet

You can create a chemical-free foot bath to soak tired feet by combining a tablespoon of baking soda with warm water. The baking soda will work to remove odors and the odor-causing bacteria. Soaking your feet in a baking soda foot bath will also help to prevent toenail fungus from forming.

Relieve Itchy Skin

Applying a baking soda paste to the irritated skin will contribute to reducing the discomfort associated with sunburn and allergic rashes.

Baking Soda Benefits: Soothe Skin

It can also soothe skin irritation caused by poison oak and poison ivy. Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda with some water and apply it to the affected skin.

Remove Splinters

If you’ve ever gotten a splinter, they can be difficult to remove. If left too long, you risk the area getting infected. Baking soda can help you remove splinters naturally. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with warm water and soak the affected area at least twice a day. After a few days of this, your body will expel the splinter naturally.

Clean Your Hair Brush and Wig


Your hair brushes and combs will hold onto the harmful chemicals found in the hair products that you use. You can use baking soda to clean hair brushes, removing the hair product residue deposited on your comb and brush after every use.

To clean your brushes, mix two teaspoons baking soda with one cup of water, and rub the compound into your brush and comb, then rinse. This detangling effect of baking soda makes it an excellent wig cleaner. Dilute it in warm water, and it washes the wig thoroughly.

Clean Your Hair with Baking Soda

The hair products that we use tend to leave a harsh residue, even after washing. To get rid of this residue and remove the dirt and oil that can accumulate over time, add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo and rub it in your hair.

Additionally, mix three parts hair conditioner with one part baking soda, and you get the perfect home remedy for lice. It’s simple and easy-to-make, yet very effective.

Extra hair tip: Use baking soda and dish detergent to wash your skin after you dye your hair. It works quite well.

Soothe Bug Bites

While baking soda works exceptionally well to get rid of bed bugs, it is also perfect for pain relief after you got bitten.

If you’ve ever suffered from a bug bite, you know how much they can itch. Rubbing some baking soda on the affected area can relieve the itching.

When you first realize you have a bug bite, create a baking soda paste by combining water and one teaspoon baking soda. Apply at least three times a day until the bite disappears.

Relieve a Sunburn

Baking soda can take the sting and heat out of a sunburn. To get the full benefit, add ½ a cup of baking soda to your warm bath and soak in it for about thirty minutes.

Adding some baking soda to your favorite lotion will allow you to continue the relief after the bath.

Clean Your Teeth with Homemade Baking Soda Toothpaste

To remove more plaque from your teeth when cleaning, add some baking soda to your toothpaste. Baking soda is known to increase the amount of plaque you remove when you brush your teeth.

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 drop spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon bark, clove, or sweet orange essential oil
  • Tap water

In a small bowl, add the ingredients and mix thoroughly to form a paste. Dip your toothbrush into the paste and brush your teeth like you would your regular toothpaste. (..)

You can purchase toothpaste that already has baking soda as an ingredient. Or, a few times a week, dip your toothbrush in baking soda to remove more plaque from your teeth.

Whiten Your Teeth

Baking soda can also help to whiten your teeth. Create a paste by mixing one teaspoon baking soda with some warm water.

Baking Soda Benefits: Tooth and Mouth Health

Once a week, apply the baking soda paste to your teeth and let sit for about five minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Use a mixture of baking soda and water as a natural night guard cleaner to eliminate food particles and germs and leave your night guard fresh and clean.

Freshen Your Mouth and Heal Canker Sore Faster

If you want to get rid of bad breath, you can use baking soda to freshen your mouth. Unlike commercial breath fresheners, baking soda will neutralize the odors that cause the bad breath instead of only covering it up.

To use, place one teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water. Swish the mixture in your mouth for one minute, spit it out, then rinse.

Baking soda is also great to speed up the healing of canker sore. Mixed with warm water, it cleans and helps the healing process.

A study conducted by the University of Arizona’s Biomedical Engineering Department found that drinking baking soda lessens or eliminates the spread of breast cancer to other body parts.

Baking soda is known to help increase the pH of acidic tumors, without affecting the pH balance of healthy blood and tissues. While there is still a lot of research that needs to happen, the study is promising for cancer patients. It is important to note they also found that too much baking soda can damage healthy organs.(..)

Enhance Your Exercise

Baking soda has the power to absorb the lactic acid that tends to build up in your muscles during your workouts. Removing lactic acid from your muscles helps to delay fatigue and enhance your performance. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your water and drink it before you begin your workout.

Improve Kidney Function

When your kidneys aren’t working right, your body can have a hard time ridding itself of acid. Consuming baking soda helps improve kidney function because it is alkaline and buffers the acid in your body, helping to keep your pH levels balanced.

Reduce Ulcer Pain

Baking soda works to neutralize the acid in your stomach, which can help relieve the pain associated with ulcers. To help relieve symptoms, place 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda into a glass of water and drink it whenever your ulcer becomes painful.

21 Clever Uses For Bicarbonate Of Soda Around The House

Many common cooking ingredients have uses beyond the kitchen. An excellent example of this is bicarbonate of soda.

From its effectiveness as a mild abrasive to its deodorising capabilities, the applications of baking soda seem endless.

We scoured the internet and spoke to cleaning expert and author, Becky Rapinchuk aka “Clean Mama,” to put together a list of the many amazing uses for this chemical compound.

Indeed, the power of baking soda is well documented. Read on for 21 amazing uses for it around the house.

Cleaning Your Sink

Bicarb of soda works well as a mild abrasive, so it’s a useful sink cleaner. You can sprinkle it all over your sink and then scrub it with a sponge.

Rapinchuk said she likes to mix it with 20-30 drops of essential oil for scent and adds washing up liquid before she scrubs. “It’s a great way to freshen up and give you aromatherapy while you’re doing something that’s not really that fun,” she noted.

Others mix it with lemon juice to form a paste or scrub the bicarb of soda with a cut lemon. Once you’ve scrubbed your sink, you can rinse the sink with vinegar and then warm water. Some people recommend using it as a way to unclog sink drains as well, but others’ experiments have cast doubt on this approach.

Cleaning Produce

According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, bicarb of soda is an effective solution for removing pesticide residue from fruits and vegetables.

All you have to do is fill your clean sink with water, add four teaspoons of baking soda, soak your produce for about five minutes, rinse it with cold water and pat it dry.

Deodorising Your Refrigerator

In addition to being a great mild abrasive, bicarb is a very common deodoriser.

“You can put an open box of it in your refrigerator or anywhere that’s a little musty or stinky,” said Rapinchuk. “It will absorb odors.”

Freshening Up Towels

Its deodorising powers can also work well for things that get a little mildew-smelling, like towels.

“If you need to freshen up your towels, you can put half a cup in your washing machine with your normal detergent to get rid of odours,” Rapinchuk noted.

Cleaning Jewellery

If you have silver jewellery, you can soak it in a mixture of bicarb of soda and hot water in an aluminum-foil-lined bowl. Through the process of ion exchange, the tarnish will transfer from the silver to the water.

After removing the jewellery, wipe away excess tarnish with a soft lint-free cloth. This works for other household items and silverware as well.

For hard stones and metals like diamonds and platinum, you can use a mixture of bicarb of soda, water, salt and dish soap.

Getting Stains Out Of Carpets

“If you have a stain on your carpet, you can sprinkle a little soda on top of it, and it may help,” Rapinchuk explained. “You can also pour a little vinegar and sprinkle it on top. The two will react, and it’s thought to extract the strain. Let it sit and dry, and then vacuum it up.”

Although she’s used this method with great success, Rapinchuk noted that it doesn’t work with everyone’s carpet.

Making Shoes Less Smelly

Rapinchuk said she likes to use bicarbonate of soda to freshen up smelly shoes. There are different ways to do this.

You can sprinkle it directly into the shoes, let them sit for a day and then shake it out. You can make little baking soda-filled sachets with socks, small pouches or pieces of cloth tied with ribbon or string and put them in your shoes when you aren’t wearing them. With sandals, you can seal them in a bag filled with baking soda.

You can use the latter technique for clothing as well. “If you have clothes that are smelly but you don’t have time to wash them, you can put a little soda in a bag and put it in the bag to absorb odours,” Rapinchuk explained.

Treating Your Nails

Combine three parts baking soda and one part water to create a mixture that you can use to scrub your nails to smooth the surface. You can also combine equal parts baking soda and water to create a paste that may exfoliate cuticles and remove nail stains.

Dry Shampooing Your Hair

Many people like to sprinkle a little bicarb of soda to absorb excess oil in their hair or mix it with other ingredients like cornstarch, oatmeal, cinnamon and/or essential oils for a similar effect.

“Some people put it in their hair as a dry shampoo, but not everyone does well with it,” Rapinchuk said. Indeed, the method isn’t effective for everyone, and some have even reported hair damage over time.

Cleaning Your Shower

Rapinchuk likes to uses it to clean her shower as well.

“You can mix it with a little lemon juice or vinegar, and it helps get in the crevices of a drain,” she said. “But be careful that it’s not too much. You can also use it for soap scum. Mix up a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda with a teaspoon of salt and a little vinegar and make that into a paste to remove soap scum.”

Treating Stings

“If you have a sting of some sort, you can make a poultice,” Rapinchuk explained. “Make a paste with soda and water and just dab it onto that area and let it dry. Historically speaking, it was used to get a stinger out because it was thought to extract the stinger, but can also help with redness or swelling or itch as well.”

Some people recommend this method for removing splinters as well. People also use sodaand water mixtures to relieve mild sunburn and other skin irritations, as many swear it eases the pain and discomfort.

Freshening The Air

Bicarb of soda is a popular ingredient in homemade air fresheners.

Rapinchuk advises putting baking soda and lemon essential oil in a small mason jar, replacing the lid with a piece of fabric and using the metal ring to keep it in place.

“You can do that without any scent and place it indiscreetly in a stinky area,” she said.

Cleaning Brushes And Combs

After removing the hair from brushes and combs, you can soak them in a mixture of soda, shampoo and water. Rinse with hot water after letting them soak for 30-60 minutes.

Soaking Your Skin

“Bicarb of soda is great in a bath with Epsom salt,” Rapinchuk said.

Indeed, you can add a couple of cups of baking soda to your bath to relieve pain or tension and exfoliate your skin. You can also use this mixture as a foot soak or create an exfoliating scrub to apply to your skin (though not all experts recommend this).

Cleaning Your Oven

Rapinchuk mixes the bicarb with soap and water to create a paste for cleaning her oven. She uses this combination for her stove as well.

Others have used a similar soda solution to clean microwaves and other kitchen appliances.

Deodorising The Carpet

If you sprinkle bicarb of soda on your carpet and then let it sit for awhile before vacuuming it up, the substance has a deodorising effect. You can also do this with other soft surfaces like mattresses or pet beds.

Rapinchuk noted that she uses a sieve to sprinkle the bicarb of soda evenly.

Washing Your Face

Many beauty enthusiasts have experimented with bicarb of soda as a face cleanser and even made face masks with it.

Results have been mixed, so it’s best to test it out on an area of your skin before fully diving in.

Cleaning Sponges

You can bring a smelly sponge back to life by soaking it in a solution of bicarb of soda and water. Don’t use this approach for old sponges that need to be disposed of, however. These household items produce a lot of bacteria.

Making A Natural Deodorant

“You can use a makeup brush, dab bicarb of soda in and brush it under to use as a pseudo-deodorant to absorb odour,” Rapinchuk said.

Indeed, many people use baking soda in natural deodorant, but not everyone reacts well to it. It’s often used in the wrong quantities as well.

Creating Washing Soda

“Arm & Hammer has a product called washing soda, which is a laundry booster or cleaning booster of sorts, but you can make it by heating baking soda at 425 degrees for an hour,” Rapinchuk explained.

“It’s a fun hack because you can use washing soda in homemade laundry soap or a soft cleaning paste,” she added.

Scrubbing Your Home

Beyond sinks and showers, baking soda’s mild abrasive capabilities make it a useful all-purpose cleaner.

“My favourite use for baking soda is as my nightly scrub,” said Rapinchuk, noting that she combines two cups with 20-30 drops of essential oil. “I mix it with a table knife, store it in a jar, and use that same mixture to scrub in different areas of my house.”

Microwave Oven

Baking soda is a great tool to use when cleaning a microwave because it tackles grease, odors, and stuck on particles of food. In addition to this baking soda can remove oily and tomato based stains. Baking soda does wonders on the inside of the microwave and you won't have to worry about chemical residue.

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